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Aqui con El Nene - 1st place

   This west-side food truck won Best Tacos in Tucson during the recent Mero Mero Taquero competition, and if you've ever had the green chile-strewn Taco Yaqui you can see why. Another menu highlight is the baked potato Papancha stuffed with melty cheese, mushrooms and carne asada. These Mexican baked potatoes are a big deal down in Ciudad Obregon, Sonora, where owner Salvador Gastelum is from. 

  If you've already peeped the winners over on EveryDay with Rachael Ray's website, you'll know that El Nene made it to the championship. This little trailer-and-tent stand on Tucson's north side gets the balance just right, with an insane amount of crisp and cool toppings contrasting perfectly with the meat, all nestled neatly (at least at first) in a soft split-top roll. Owner Salvador Gastelur spent time at Guero Canelo and BK's (Canelo's heated rival) before opening his operation in North Tucson. His dogs had a slight edge over Canelo's and BK's, we thought, with the bacon crisped just right and a nice balance of toppings.


“I fell in love with this place, by way of their food truck. Their brick and mortar is just as good as the truck and even better since you can't escape the AZ summer's heat. Great salsa bar, sonoran dogs, tacos and Caramelo.” 



"This is probably the best taqueria in Tucson. The food is incredible and affordable, and everyone behind the counter is so nice..“ 



"I just tried this place for the first time. While devouring the carne asada burrito I ordered I wondered if the owners of this place realize how truly great their food is. I'm not kidding, the food is really really good. So flavorful, and with an assortment of salsas and other toppings, I don't see how you could go wrong eating here......“ 



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